330 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh – Alloy Overview

Type 330 stainless steel wire mesh is a high nickel-chromium-silicon stainless steel alloy most frequently used in high-temperature environments. The high nickel (34-37%) and chromium (17-20%) content provides superior resistance to oxidation and carburization, properties which are further enhanced by its silicon addition (0.75-1.5%). T-330 stainless steel wire cloth is often used in place of other stainless steel alloys due to its superior resistance to heat and thermal shock. Some characteristics of 330 stainless steel wire cloth which dictate its use are:

  • Austenitic stainless steel.
  • Non-magnetic when annealed.
  • Slightly magnetic when cold worked.
  • Withstands outdoor exposure without rusting.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in broad range of industrial and chemical settings.
  • Superior resistance to oxidation and carburization, with high strength, up to 2200°F.
  • Can be used in sulfur controlling oxidizing gases up to 1900°F.
  • Heating permitted between 1500°F – 2150°F temperatures.
  • Can be cut, formed, and welded.

Industries & Applications

T-330 stainless steel wire cloth is principally used in high-temperature settings where good resistance to carburization and thermal cycling is a must.  T-330 wire cloth is commonly used in chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers, and oil field / refinery equipment.  Additional industries and applications which commonly use T-330 stainless steel wire cloth include:

  • Annealing Parts
  • Carburizing Boxes
  • Furnace Parts
  • Gas Turbines
  • Heat Treating Baskets
  • Liquid Filtration & Particle Separation
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Neutral and Cyanide Salt Pots
  • Power Generation

Common Aliases

Type 330 stainless steel is also commonly referred to as:

  • T-330
  • SS330
  • UNS N08330
  • SUS330 (Japan)
  • RA330®

330 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh – Typical Chemistry

UNS N08330 - 330 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh - Typical Chemistry
330 Stainless Steel
ASTM B511Min00000.7517340000

Typical Standards

330 Stainless Steel Wire Cloth – Harmonized Tariff Codes: Chapter 73

Woven T-330 Wire Mesh:

  • 0-30 Mesh: 7314141000
  • 31-91 Mesh: 7314142000
  • 92+ Mesh: 7314149000

Welded T-330 Wire Mesh:

  • 3.937″+ Center-to-Center AND .1181″+ Wire Diameter: 7314200000
  • <3.937″ Center-to-Center OR <.1181″ Wire Diameter: 7314390000

Manufacture/Supply-to-Order Capability

Phoenix Wire Cloth can manufacture-to-order any combination of mesh opening size + wire diameter(s) to supply you with the woven or welded 330 stainless steel wire mesh, bolting cloth, milling cloth, or filter cloth that you require. In addition, we can slit, cut, punch, form, heat treat, powder coat, etc. T-330 wire mesh to deliver the exact material you require.

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