Nichrome V Wire Mesh – Alloy Overview

Nichrome V wire mesh (aka Nichrome 80-20) is a nickel-chromium alloy, with a small silicon (1.25%) addition, originally designed as a high-performance electrical resistance alloy. In the wire cloth world, Nichrome V is used in high-temperature settings, and its high chromium (~80%) and nickel (~20%) composition gives it good oxidation resistance up to ~2150°F. Given the low temperature coefficient of resistance that Nichrome 80-20 wire mesh possesses, it is able to heat up quickly, maintain stable temperatures, and handle fluctuating temperatures in its environment. Some characteristics of Nichrome V wire cloth which dictate its use are:

  • Nickel-chromium electrical resistance alloy.
  • Non-magnetic in all forms.
  • Low coefficient of resistance (temperature).
  • Good resistance to oxidizing, reducing, and carburization.
  • Withstands outdoor exposure without rusting.
  • Resists oxidation at 2150°F temperatures.
  • Can be cut, formed, and welded.

Industries & Applications

Nichrome 80-20 wire cloth is principally used in high-temperature and rapidly fluctuating temperature environments. Some examples of common applications include resistance heating elements and oil & gas applications. Additional industries and applications which commonly use Nichrome 80-20 wire cloth include:

  • Electric Furnaces
  • Radiant Heaters

Common Aliases

Nichrome V is also commonly referred to as:

  • UNS N06003
  • Nichrome 80-20
  • Nichrome 80/20
  • Chromel® A
  • Nichrome 80
  • Alloy 650
  • Alloy HT 80
  • Nikrothal® 80
  • Resistohm® 80
  • X20H80
  • NiCr 80/20
  • Ni80Cr20
  • N8

Nichrome 80/20 Wire Mesh – Typical Chemistry

UNS N06003 - Nichrome V 80-20 Chromel® A Wire Mesh - Typical Chemistry
Nichrome V 80-20
Chromel® A
ASTM B344Min0000.751900

Typical Standards

Nichrome V Wire Cloth – Harmonized Tariff Codes: Chapter 75

Woven Nichrome 80/20 Wire Mesh:

  • HTS Code: 7508100000

Manufacture/Supply-to-Order Capability

Phoenix Wire Cloth can manufacture-to-order any combination of mesh opening size + wire diameter(s) to supply you with the woven Nichrome V wire mesh, bolting cloth, milling cloth, or filter cloth that you require. In addition, we can slit, cut, punch, form, heat treat, powder coat, etc. Nichrome 80-20 wire mesh to deliver the exact material you require.

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