Robotic Guarding / Machine Guarding – Phoenix Safety Systems

Phoenix Safety Systems, a division of Phoenix Wire Cloth, Inc., manufactures machine guarding panels, posts, gate assemblies, and cable tray brackets at our Troy, Michigan production facility.

Our 100% American manufactured robotic guarding systems come in two standard heights: 2600mm (~ 8.5 feet) and 1500mm (~ 5 feet); we also manufacture special height and width machine guarding systems to meet all of your required specifications!

Following installation of all posts, panels, and gate assemblies on your shop floor, the complete robotic guarding safety system provides you with a 200mm sweep space floor gap to allow for easy housekeeping.

Materials and Design – Machine Guarding

Robotic Guarding / Machine Guarding: Materials & Design
Bill of MaterialsPanelsPostsSwing Gate Assemblies Include:Cable Tray
Gate PanelsGate PostsMisc. Items
MaterialsRoll Formed
Steel Angle
3/16" Wall
Square Tube
Roll Formed
Steel Angle
3/16" Wall
Square Tube
Bracket with
3/16" Wall
Square Tube
1-1/2" Woven
Diamond Wire
Mesh Panel
3/8" Thick
Base Plates
1-1/2" Woven
Diamond Wire
Mesh Panel
3/8" Thick
Base Plates
Hardware &
Print Package
Powder CoatingFlat BlackSafety YellowFlat BlackSafety OrangeSafety OrangeSafety Yellow
Trim PaintSafety YellowN/ASafety YellowN/AN/AN/A

*Note: 1-1/2″ woven diamond wire mesh panel inserts are our standard design; clear Lexan, steel welded mesh, expanded metal, etc. can be substituted if your specification requires.

Ease of Installation

We’ve designed our robotic guarding safety systems for maximum installation efficiency in your production environment. Once the posts are anchored to the floor, simply attach the panels to the posts using the bolt and pin connections. Optional cable tray support is efficiently installed by easily inserting a cable tray bracket into the top of post and leveling and tightening the pre-installed jamb nuts.

Superior Safety Performance – Robotic Guarding

Phoenix Safety Systems’ machine guarding fence panels feature 1-1/2″ diamond wire mesh panel inserts. Our standard diamond wire mesh panel insert design provides your workers with superior safety protection against finger cuts as compared to sharp expanded metal panel inserts found in standard NAAMS Perimeter Fence Systems.

As its 45° wire mesh pattern minimizes the moiré effect, our 1-1/2″ diamond wire mesh panel inserts give your workers an unambiguous view of operations behind the machine guarding enclosure. As such, your workers will never need to enter a work cell without a clear view of ongoing operations, and your supervisors will always have a clear view of your workers’ performance.

In addition, our diamond mesh robotic guarding panels have demonstrated the ability to withstand a 220 LB vertical drop test with no failure of the fence panel or mesh.

Being in business in the wire mesh industry for over 135 years, Phoenix weaves our diamond mesh in-house to reduce your costs and lead-times.

Industries & Applications

Our machine guarding systems can help you meet American (OSHA & ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012), Canadian (OHS, CSA Z432-2016 & CSA Z434-2014), European (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 953 / EN ISO 14120 & EN ISO 10218), and ISO (ISO 10218:2011 & ISO 14120:2015) safety regulations and guidelines.

Depending on your layout requirements, our robotic guarding can be positioned against the robotic machinery itself, where two or three sides of your robotic work cell join, or along or at the end of a walkway, etc.

Automation companies completing projects across a broad array of industries frequently use our machine guarding systems. Some of these industries and applications include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Assembly
  • Complex Machining
  • Conveyors
  • Dispensing
  • Machine Load / Unload
  • Packaging
  • Painting
  • Palletizing
  • Part Transfer
  • Sealing
  • Spot Welding
  • Stacking / De-stacking
  • Welding

Harmonized Tariff Code: Chapter 73

  • 6 Digit HTS Code: 730890

Stock Inventory – Machine Guarding

Phoenix Safety Systems carries stock inventory of our machine guarding panels, posts, and gate assemblies to minimize your order lead times. Very large orders may require a lead time of 4-6 weeks after our receipt of your purchase order.