Aluminum Alloy 3003 Wire Mesh – Alloy Overview

Aluminum alloy 3003 wire mesh offers good workability and moderate strength, as do most wrought aluminium-manganese family “3000 series” alloys. As with other aluminum alloys, aluminum 3003 offers excellent corrosion resistance, even in extremely corrosive environments. Its added manganese content (1.25%) further enhances its superior performance both from a corrosion resistance and tensile strength standpoint. While it will lose strength if subjected to high temperatures (390°F to 480°F), it strength can be increased via cold working (note: aluminum 3003 cannot be heat-treated). Some characteristics of aluminum alloy 3003 wire cloth which dictate its use are:

  • Wrought aluminium-manganese family (3000 series) alloy.
  • Moderate Strength (approximately 20% stronger than aluminum alloy 1100).
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in broad range of extremely corrosive environments.
  • Cannot be heat treated; strength can be increased via cold working.
  • Easily cut, formed, and welded.

Industries & Applications

Aluminum alloy 3003 wire cloth is principally used in applications requiring good formability, corrosion resistance, and moderate strength. Given its moderate strength, it is not best suited for applications requiring high-strength or high-pressure. As such, aluminum alloy 3003 wire cloth is commonly used in architectural, appliance, and other miscellaneous applications.

Common Aliases

Aluminum alloy 3003 is also commonly referred to as:

  • UNS A93003
  • AA 3003
  • AlMn1Cu
  • 3.0517 Aluminum

Aluminum Alloy 3003 Wire Mesh – Typical Chemistry

UNS A93003 - Aluminum Alloy 3003 Wire Mesh - Typical Chemistry
Other EachOther Total
Aluminum Alloy 3003
ASTM B211Min100.0500000

Typical Standards

Aluminum 3003 Wire Cloth – Harmonized Tariff Codes: Chapter 76

Woven & Welded Wire Mesh:

  • HTS Code: 7616910000

Manufacture/Supply-to-Order Capability

Phoenix Wire Cloth can manufacture-to-order any combination of mesh opening size + wire diameter(s) to supply you with the woven or welded aluminum alloy 3003 wire mesh, bolting cloth, milling cloth, or filter cloth that you require. In addition, we can slit, cut, punch, form, powder coat, etc. aluminum 3003 wire mesh to deliver the exact material you require.

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