Phoenix Wire Cloth is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of Industrial Wire Products

We provide a complete source for wire mesh.

  • Stainless Steel

  • Monel

  • Bronze

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Galvanized

  • PVC Coated

  • Tinned Steel

  • Hi Temp. Allots

  • Wire Baskets

  • Wire Guards

  • Vibrating Screens

  • Conveyor guarding

  • Robotic Guarding

  • Welded mesh

  • Custom weaving

  • Slitting services

  • Wire Partitions

  • Hardware cloth

  • Industrial cloth

  • Insect Screening

Fabricated Woven Wire Mesh


Employee theft of company owned tools, supplies, etc. averages more than 200 million dollars annually . . . and this figure represents known theft only! Now some portion of this total is “paid for” by your company. But, whatever your own theft losses, you’ll find that they can be substantially reduced simply by erecting pilfer-proof Phoenix wire partitions around your tool rooms, stock rooms and other restricted areas. Your savings, in fact, will pay for your Phoenix partitioning many times over. Can you afford to be without it?

Other Advantages Of Phoenix Wire Mesh

  1. Ventilation- Allows for maximum circulation of air. No need to revamp existing heating and/or air conditioning systems.
  2. Lighting– Ideal diffusion provides for more and better illumination.
  3. Versatility– Readily adapted to a wide range of applications. Easy to install, no problem to relocate if necessary.
  4. Fire– No obstruction to sprinklers or hose stream.
  5. Cleaning-Painting– No burrs or sharp edges to cut hands or invite corrosion. Smooth surface simplifies cleaning and painting.
  6. Vision-Sound– See, hear through wire mesh partitions without interference.
  7. Strength- All wires double crimped and securely interwoven and clinched on drawn metal frames. Stability derived through geometry of triangulation.
  8. Cost- Lowest cost because of economy in manufacture as mesh is woven up for each job, thus eliminating the usual waste resulting when mesh is cut from limited sizes for stock sheets.
  9. Diversity of wire sizes and meshes -To meet any requirement in open mesh construction

Welded Wire Mesh

Rigid and strong because every intersecting joint of two wires is resistance welded. Flat panels have many uses as raveling of wires and wracking of panels are nonexistent. Flat panels of welded wire mesh can be made with square or slotted openings.

Some uses for welded wire mesh panels are:

Re-enforcement for plaster of concrete

Zoo animal cages

Cattle confinement pens

Wall, ceiling and floor module display systems

Stairway and boat railing filler panels for decoration and safety

Over head conveyor guards

and much more..


Extra Fine Mesh

Filter Cloth is used in filters and strainers for the removal of foreign solids from a stream of liquid or gaseous fluid.

A strainer is usually a protective device to remove unwanted solids from a fluid such as fuel.

A filter is usually more complex and more of a precision instrument, to clarify a fluid or to remove particles larger than a certain critical size that are known to be present. Specific requirements of flow rate, pressure drop, and retention must be met.

Retention is expressed as the diameter of the largest solid spherical particle that will normally pass through a filter medium, usually expressed in microns. The data are necessarily approximate and will vary for different process conditions.