85-15 Red Brass Wire Mesh – Alloy Overview

85-15 red brass wire mesh (aka C230 brass wire mesh) is a brass alloy infrequently used in the industrial wire cloth world; in most applications, 90-10 commercial bronze or 65-35 yellow bronze wire cloth are used instead. As its common industry name suggests, 85-15 red brass is comprised of 85% copper and 15% zinc, with small additions of lead (0.025%) and iron (0.025%). When compared to copper wire cloth, C230 brass wire cloth possesses better abrasion resistance, hardness, and tensile strength; it also exhibits improved corrosion resistance and lower electrical conductivity. As a higher zinc content results in a stronger, more ductile brass material, 85-15 red brass is weaker and less ductile than 80-20 low brass, 70-30 cartridge brass, 65-35 yellow brass, and 60-40 muntz brass. In comparison to phosphor bronzes, C230 brass is a softer material. Some characteristics of 85-15 red brass wire cloth which dictate its use are:

  • Infrequently used brass wire cloth alloy (65-35 yellow brass being the most used).
  • Non-magnetic in all forms.
  • Golden red hue in color.
  • Withstands outdoor exposure without rusting.
  • Corrodes when exposed to ammonia and other salts.
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Can be cut, formed, and welded.

Industries & Applications

85-15 red brass wire cloth is principally used in architectural, artistic, and decorative applications. Additional industries and applications which commonly use C230 brass wire cloth include:

  • Cabinets
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Chandeliers
  • Fireplace Screens
  • Infill Panels
  • Jewelry
  • Marine
  • Sports Locker Rooms
  • Wine Lockers

Common Aliases

85-15 red brass is also commonly referred to as:

  • UNS C23000
  • CDA 230 brass
  • C230 brass
  • 85/15 brass
  • Red brass
  • CW502L
  • CuZn15

85-15 Red Brass Wire Mesh – Typical Chemistry

UNS C23000 - 85-15 Red Brass Wire Mesh - Typical Chemistry
85-15 Red Brass
ASTM B134Min84000

Typical Standards

85-15 Red Brass Wire Cloth – Harmonized Tariff Codes: Chapter 74

Woven C230 Brass Wire Mesh:

  • HTS Code: 7419990680

Manufacture/Supply-to-Order Capability

Phoenix Wire Cloth can manufacture-to-order any combination of mesh opening size + wire diameter(s) to supply you with the woven 85-15 red brass wire mesh, bolting cloth, milling cloth, or filter cloth that you require. In addition, we can slit, cut, punch, form, heat treat, powder coat, etc. C230 brass wire mesh to deliver the exact material you require.

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