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How To Order

1. Quantity

Number of Pieces

2. Size

Overall dimensions of screen

3. Operating Mesh

  • Square Opening – Specify fractional or decimal space required.
  • Slotted Opening – Specify fractional or decimal space required in both the width and length of opening.Note: When ordering slotted openings specify which direction long opening is parallel to.
  • Mesh – Specify number of openings, counting from center to any wire to a point one inch distant.

4. Wire or Gauge

In decimals of an inch or U.S.S. steel gauge for steel, stainless or aluminum

5. Type of Material

Specify type of Material: Plain Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, galvanized, etc.

6. Tolerance

If your application requires specific tolerances for width, length, squareness, or similar specifications it is important to specify while ordering.

7. Further Fabrication

Rolling, forming, shearing, welding, brazing and similar fabrications are available at the factory.

8. Repeat Orders

When a previous order is to be duplicated, please give the invoice number, p.o. number and date of the original order.